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Musicians from the Glenn Hurst Big Band

The Glenn Hurst Big Band


So, how big is a 'big band'? Well, for the Glenn Hurst Big Band it can be anything from 7 to 19 musicians and vocalists, it all depends how 'big' you want to go! Obviously the larger the band the bigger the venue required... sadly we won't be able to fit all 19 of the band into your living room ... unless you live in a stately home of course :0)


Seriously though, the Glenn Hurst Big Band is an impressive set and has an impressive sound to match. With a repertoire covering swing, modern ballroom and pop we think that you will be as excited as we are when the band strikes up.


Booking a big band can be quite daunting if you have never done so before but don't worry, we will help you from the start.


Our library includes musical arrangements from the 20s right up to the present day so whatever your tastes we are sure that we will be able to cater for it.

The Glenn Hurst BIg Band 1940s Style! - Click here


And for those who can't resist a band in uniform ;0) we're sure you'll go 'Lindy hopping mad' for our 1940s format, complete with 1940s USAF military uniforms, patriotic flags and dreaded ration books!

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