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The Glenn Hurst WWII Big Band

Sound of the 40s Big Band Swing

Welcome to the 1940s! Acting on your orders the Glenn Hurst Big Band will polish up their buttons and don full USAF WW2 military uniforms to take you back to the days when the jitterbug was all the rage and the sounds of swing could be heard at just about every local dance hall in the country.


We'll get out the flags and help you to recreate the nostalgic feel of the forties. Our repertoire can be as varied as you like but to keep the mood of the time you'll more than likely decide to fill the evening full of classic swing and jumpin' jive. Lindy hoppers, swing dancers will be in seventh heaven and those that haven't yet re-discovered 'swing dance' will be able to dust down their ballroom or just do their own thing to some of the most exciting big band music around.

Our 40s big band nights now feature a regular 'Charleston Stroll' dance instructional so if you are a single person who finds it difficult to get a partner to stand up and dance, come along and learn a solo dance that you can bring out at parties and other swing events to impress your friends! 
Once we've taught the dance we'll play the fabulous 'Sing, Sing, Sing' for you to strut your stuff to! Epic!

Taking the guests through the steps of the
Charleston Stroll at one of our 40s big band nights.

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